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'The Arnolds' Sambo Tournament 2014

Posted by Anthony Sansonetti on September 14, 2015 at 2:30 PM

The Arnolds Sambo Tournament - March 2014 - Columbus Ohio

     In November 2013 I started to develop a mixed team of children and adults to take on 2 Sambo tournaments in 2014. In March was the be the Arnolds Sambo tournament as part of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Martial Arts Festival held every year in Columbus, Ohio. The other tournament we were looking forward to was the USA Sambo Championships sceduled for April in Philadelphia. There hasn't been much of a chance for kids to compete in Sambo in the U.S. in recent years, so everyone was very excited to take part in the training and preparation. I had a team of 10 that we were to take to Ohio and compete. Having such a large team, with many of them competing for the first time, I decided to not compete and focus on coaching. I was also dealing with 2 injuries and thought it was best to rest and heal. On to the competition, we brought a team of 10, we took 8 Gold Medals, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze! Everyone performed very well and I felt this was a good stepping stone to prepare for the USA Sambo Championships held next month, where the competition should be a little more fierce.

Injuries and getting old!

   I mentioned that I was dealing with 2 injuries in early 2014. I am very stubborn when it comes to getting medical help. I prefer to let things have a chance to heal on their own. Sometimes this strategy works, other times it delays getting well. I hurt my knee pretty badly in December 2013, it swelled up and was painful. After 2 months without the pain or swelling going down it was time to get in checked out. I had my knee drained, which helped tremendously, but was still swollen and I had to avoid making contact with the ground for several more weeks. it is very difficult for a Sambo instructor, or any grappler to avoid hitting their knee on the ground, actually, It is just about impossible, and this delayed healing further. This was not such a big deal, as I had a worse injury. I started to get tremendous pain in my hip, so much so that it was becoming difficult to pick up my 1 and a half year old son without pain. Learning from my previous mistake with waiting to see a Dr. for my knee, I made an appointment to get my hip checked out. After an evaluation and MRI I was diagnosed with Femoral Acetabular Impingement  http://www.hipfai.com/ . The Dr. prescribed anti inflammatory pills and for me to be rechecked if it got worse. The pills didn't work, I started to get worse and decided to just deal with the pain. How bad could it really get anyway?

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